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Yacht Charter in Antigua & Barbuda

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Antigua & Barbuda Yacht Charter

A dreamlike destination for sailor and explorer alike, your Antigua & Barbuda yacht charter provides for mesmerising bright-blue water and stunning wildlife (gems of which include the majestic frigate bird, and dolphins, sea turtles, and whales throughout the waters). Get a Quote and begin your dream Antigua & Barbuda yacht charter vacation!

The wonders of Antigua are rivalled only by the marvels of its sister island: Barbuda, where underdevelopment and a distinct lack of a tourist touch offering stunning lands completely cut off from modern life, making your Antigua yacht charter a true escape from the melee of working life.

Antigua & Barbuda are destinations of contrasting cultures – from the distinctive English twangs of the accents heard throughout the capital of St John’s (an exclusive English Harbour), to the colourful, iconic Caribbean villages, with cuisine that includes French, Italian and Asian.

Antigua provides consistently warm winds that guide yachts around an intricate coastline of secluded harbours, with protection from sea swells provided by an almost untouched coral reef. When exploring Antigua, it quickly becomes clear why this location was so favoured as a place to stow away fleets – just as Nelson did in 1784 – a feat that would ultimately lead to the establishment of a pivotally important British colonial Caribbean base.


Antigua & Barbuda yacht charter #onelifesailit Caribbean Sailing Holidays/Oceanedia

Antigua & Barbuda yacht charter #onelifesailit Caribbean Sailing Holidays/Oceanedia


Underway & key anchorages

Antigua ashore

Antigua & Barbuda Yacht Charter, Nelson's Dockyard #onelifesailit Caribbean Sailing Holidays

Antigua & Barbuda Yacht Charter, Nelson’s Dockyard #onelifesailit Caribbean Sailing Holidays

Antigua & Barbuda is simply delightful, for the really adventurous and longer duration yacht charters why not head south to Guadeloupe, Dominica and Martinique or north west to St Kitts and Nevis, Saba, St Barts and St Maarten or St Martin.

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