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Yacht Charter in Belize

Belize Yacht Charter

Belize is a perfect blend of Latin America and the Caribbean – an adventurous land where there are landscapes of jungles that meet the sea and the coastline runs the course of no less than 240 miles. Belize yacht charter is a top ten bucket list ‘must’ yachting holiday. Get a Quote and begin your wonderous Belize yacht charter vacation!

Under the Belizean waters are more than 100 coral species and in excess of 500 differing marine lifeforms, and few dives can compare to the world-famous Great Blue Hole, a mysterious experience through depths down to 350 feet. Move offshore, and you’ll be able to marvel at the 175-mile long barrier reef – a reef so expansive in size that it is second only to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

Here, cultures entwine – Belizean, Creole, mestizo, Garifuna and Maya, seamlessly mixing side by side, while history appears eerily alive across the Mayan sites of Altun Ha, Lamani, and Caracol.


Belize yacht charter-Great-Blue-Hole-Caribbean Sailing Holidays #onelifesailit

Belize yacht charter-Great-Blue-Hole-Caribbean Sailing Holidays #onelifesailit

Underway & key anchorages

Belize offers hundreds of deserted islands and cays, and unsurprisingly represents one of the most popular of all cruising destinations in the entire Caribbean. Throughout the region, you’ll find endless anchorages and consistently balmy eastern trade winds that provide for calm cruising at between 15 and 22 knots. Passages are swift and short, while being aware of depths, sand bars and the bow are each critical, due to the masses of reefs in the region, in addition to seasonal changes.

Exploring the coastline

The Belize coastline is as beautiful as it is diverse, from lively beaches that promise parties set against stunning scenic backdrops, to palm-fringed stretches where solitude and serenity can be sought.

Belize Ashore

This remains a destination easily one of the richest regions on planet earth for biodiversity. The landscape of Belize features vast swathes of jungles in the southern and western regions, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries – dense lush paradises for the island’s native wildlife, ranging from cutter ants to the eccentric Baird’s tapir and onto the reclusive jaguar. Such is the diversity of wildlife here that species number more than 570 – demanding a quality pair of binoculars and at least several hours of hiking.

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