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Yacht Charter in The British Virgin Islands (BVI)

British Virgin Islands yacht charter

Described as “Nature’s Little Secrets” in the official marketing materials of the British Virgin Islands, this is a destination of diverse character, where white sandy beaches are the stuff of postcard scenes. Contrasted against unspoilt idyllic backdrops are vibrant beach bars – for which the islands have become famed for. Get a Quote for your dream British Virgin Islands yacht charter vacation!

Consisting of more than 50 islands, it is here where extravagant parties are held, where the world’s richest flock to the Virgin Gorda and where intrepid explorers and hikers take to the Sage Mountain National Park, climbing to 1716 feet.

Yacht charter in British Virgin Islands offer calm cruising – along the way experiencing stunning scenes, innumerable bays, coves and anchorages. The waters around the islands are protected from the strength of the trade winds, as well as the ocean swells – perfect for smooth, relaxed sailing.

British Virgin Islands yacht charter #onelifesailit Caribbean Sailing Holidays/Oceanedia

British Virgin Islands yacht charter #onelifesailit Caribbeansailing Holidays/Oceanedia



Key anchorages

Exploring the BVI coastline

Exploring the expanse of the British Islands demands quite the timescale, as well as expert skippering in order to traverse diverse waters and ensure all sights are seen and activities are experienced. Despite how imposing the British Islands are when putting together an itinerary, these waters are largely ideal for cruising as they’re sheltered from steady winds and ocean swells.

The beauty of the British Islands is epitomised by the changing colours of the waters – on the surface, a vibrant blue-green can be seen, whilst underneath, marine life lives amongst purples, reds, and oranges.

BVI Ashore

Take a shore excursion at St Thomas, for duty-free shopping and sightseeing – purchase your souvenirs for those at home from Charlotte Amalie and enjoy the views of Magens Bay whilst you’re there. Visit Road Town, where the Botanic Gardens await, as do restaurants, shops and a museum.

Take a short walk from the beach of Cane Garden Bay, Tortola up to the distillery and savour Caribbean samples of rum.

The Britsh Virgin Islands yacht charter experience is very, very, difficlut to beat – take our word for it, the BVIs has to be experienced. British Virgin Island yacht charter is on every seafarers charter ‘bucket list’.



British Virgin Islands Yacht Charter BVI-anchorage-shore-view #onelifesailit Caribbean Sailing Holidays

British Virgin Islands Yacht Charter BVI-anchorage-shore-view #onelifesailit Caribbean Sailing Holidays.


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