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Yacht Charter in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe yacht charter

Guadeloupe comprises of more than twelve islands where landscapes beautifully switch from uninhabited beaches to sky-scraping mountains. Get a Quote and begin your sensational Guadeloupe yacht charter!

At the heart of Guadeloupe are the islands of Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre – connected by two bridges that arch over a mangrove swamp. Together these islands form the shape of a butterfly – nature’s nod to the extensive, diverse and intriguing wildlife. With all Guadeloupe has to offer, these islands have unsurprisingly come to be known as ‘Pearl of the French-Caribbean’.

The section between the two central islands of Guadeloupe is the Riviera Salee, which can be explored by shallow draft boat (generally boats that have a 6ft (1.8m) draft can navigate through, though they may need to plough through the soft mud of the swamp.

Since Guadeloupe has been the crossing line for numerous transatlantic races, sailors can look forward to excellent yachting facilities throughout Guadeloupe, with numerous marinas and extensive repair and service facilities.

Guadeloupe yacht charter #onelifesailit Caribbean Sailing Holidays/Oceanedia

Guadeloupe yacht charter #onelifesailit Caribbean Sailing Holidays/Oceanedia

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Guadeloupe #onelifesailit Caribbean Sailing Holidays

Guadeloupe #onelifesailit Caribbean Sailing Holidays


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