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Yacht Charter in St Marteen (St Martin)

St Maarten & St Martin yacht charter

Fall in love with a destination of two cultures – St Maarten – St Martin presents itself as a mesmerising Caribbean destination with some of the finest cuisine in the Caribbean – where water sports, scuba diving and windsurfing await; a place where retail therapy and full-moon parties are in abundance, and where 37 beaches are just waiting to be explored – each as idyllic as the last, and each ideal for post- party or shopping recovery. Get a Quote and begin your delicious St Maarten & St Martin yacht charter adventure!

A yacht charter will fulfill all your expectations of what a sailing vacation should be, either relax locally with a short sail up to enchanting Anguilla or head south on a one way charter to take in St Bart’s and Antigua.

St Maarten & St Martin are unlike any other destination in the world, the island is home to two cultures that form an eclectic combination, with a French territory, and a Dutch territory, and with a populous from some 70+ countries. Notably, this is the world’s smallest area that is distinctly divided into two independent nations – to say that life here is a rich tapestry of heritage would be an understatement. Each offers something that starkly contrasts against the other – in every sense, this is a destination of two intriguing halves.

The Dutch side lies in the South, where you’ll find expansive resorts, spacious boardwalks, dynamic beach bars and exciting late-night casinos. All of which compares to the peaceful St Martin, where boats of every colour line up and beautiful homes hug the cliffs, providing a distinctively Mediterranean feel. Given its French heritage, it is St Martin that presents tantalising dishes and cuisine that have rightly earned a reputation for leading the way in the Caribbean.

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St Maarten & St Martin yacht charter – under way.

Spanning across 96 square km, St Martin and St Maarten provides for plenty of waters to be explored – waters that prove a hit year after year for prime sailing, especially in the Lesser Antilles, as well as those seeking out long and short-term cruising. Neighbouring islands are a ‘stone’s throw’ away. For avid sailing enthusiasts, the Heineken Regatta is not to be missed – taking place over the course of five days each March. Here you’ll be amongst hundreds of sailors – including some of the world’s most skilled.

Key anchorages

Exploring the coastline

St Martin and St Maarten are alluring destinations for those seeking an experience where a warm welcome awaits from communities that thrive on the tourist trade. Through the 37 beaches and along the 70km coastline you’ll discover quiet, secluded bays interspersed between hives of activity. Key beaches of particular note include Mullet Bay, Maho Bay and Orient Bay Beach.

Surround yourself in the paradise-like atmosphere of Loterie Farm, near Rambaud – a nature reserve and sanctuary with a dedicated ‘zen’ zone where there are plenty of chances to enjoy Caribbean wildlife.

A St Martin – St Marteen yacht charter is a fabulous destination for your dream sailing holiday.

St Maarten & St Martin yacht charter, Simpson Bay, Caribbean Sailing Holidays

St Maarten & St Martin yacht charter, Simpson Bay, Caribbean Sailing Holidays


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